Press Release

The club has a new visual identity

CLUB - Wednesday, July 1, 2020 - 10:00

A statement from the club.


As we stride into the 2020s, FC Girondins de Bordeaux has new projects and new ambitions, inspired by our deep roots in the local area as well as our spirit of openness to the world. The decision to update the club's visual identity, and particularly the club crest, clearly embodies this strategy.


Shared by all of our colleagues and partners, the club's strategy is based on three key pillars:

SPORTING EXCELLENCE: aiming for regular European qualification.
From the Youth Academy right up to the first team, maximum performance must be our guiding principle. That means working to reinforce the technical know-how and distinctive style of play we associate with the Girondins. Our goal is to regularly finish in the European spots.

REGIONAL IDENTITY: as an essential part of the local community. 
Putting the club at the heart of the region, connecting with local people, businesses and amateur clubs all over the south-west of France. And of course, bringing bigger and bigger crowds to the Matmut Atlantique, making them proud to be part of a community united by the values and colours of our club.

A GLOBAL REPUTATION: Bordeaux's prestigious image all over the world

We want to capitalise on the global fame and prestigious image of Bordeaux, reaching new parts of the world where the passion for football is growing fast: Asia, China, and especially the USA.

Frédéric Longuépée, President of FC Girondins de Bordeaux, explains: "Our ambition is to prove ourselves worthy heirs to the club's rich traditions, a long history packed with trophies, passionate coaches, legendary players and the loyal support of generations of fans. Our football club must stand up for its values, its history and its unique spirit. We also need to be attuned to technological changes and new social and environmental aspirations. Our new visual identity has been designed to symbolise our profound respect for our history and our region, while also unlocking new opportunities for development."